For windsurfers, there is no better place than Lac Bay, on the east coast of Bonaire. Especially the high wind security and the sheltered bay with navel water makes this place so popular, both for beginners and for professional windsurfers.

Although there are other places where you can windsurf on Bonaire, all surf shops and most windsurfers are gathered here and provide a super relaxed atmosphere.

Lac bay, protected by the rules of the Bonaire Marine Park, has beautiful turquoise colorful water and a lovely white sandy beach. The area is about 8 KM2 and there is virtually no boot traffic. So: ideal to let you go! Hang loose!

Beginners have the advantage of shallow water in lac bay, which is also very calm. If you can not come back: just get off and walk back!
The more experienced or professional windsurfers go further away in the dark blue area of ​​Lac Bay, where the wind is also stronger.

Lac Bay is one of the most beautiful places in Bonaire. The area has been declared a recreation area since the capture under the protection of the Bonaire Marine Park. There may not be (more) built.

At Sorobon Beach there are 2 dive shops: Jibe City and Bonaire Windsurf Place. They rent top material and offer all levels of education.

There is a windy season from mid December to August, and a windy season from September to Mid December. In the wind-quiet season, with sailboat and windsurf races. Bonaire professional windsurfers are held a few times a year.

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