Did you know that there are more snorkelers worldwide than divers? Also on Bonaire, more snorkellers come than divers, so it proves that you do not have to dive to enjoy our beautiful underwater world.

If you can swim, you only need to set up a snorkel diving goggles and admire the beautiful corals and fishes. You will continue to float without difficulty and admire the behavior of the different beings on the reef. There are no dangerous animals in the sea of ​​Bonaire, but touching is forbidden to protect nature. Corrupting touch of coral may cause a consequence, so do not!

Snorkeling is great for the whole family, no matter how old you are. Be careful not to burn by using a waterproof sun cream and do not snorkel between 12:00 and 16:00.

A very spectacular experience is night snorkeling. Everything is different at night. For night snorkeling you need a special lamp that you can rent at most diving schools. Admire the naked animals or sleeping fish!

Roland and Irene are happy to help you with insider tips on Bonaire’s most beautiful snorkelling spots!

Snorkel tips

If you can drive, you can snorkel. In the calm Bonairian seawater you will not find it hard to keep floating, because salty water keeps you on the surface. If you have any doubts, try it out on a sandy beach and try to lay your back on it. Of course, do not snorkel on your back, so if this is successful, get up, put up your diving glasses, put your face in the water and breathe through your snorkel.

For beginner snorkelers, it is sometimes a bit used to breathing through the snorkel, but after a little practice you will notice that it’s going to be self-evident!