Diving has taken a huge leap in recent years. Due to the development of modern diving equipment, it has become possible for many people to go diving themselves. Bonaire also contributed to this, especially by protecting the underwater world. The easy diving and the rich fauna have contributed to Bonaire becoming a top destination in the dive industry. Ask for the Tropicana dive packages. Bonaire’s healthy reefs and rich underwater life are unique in the Caribbean. The protection by the Bonaire Marine Park assures that, for many years, the underwater world of Bonaire wil remain intact.

The location of Bonaire in the southern Caribbean makes for a dry climate with little rain. This makes the water extremely clear, calm and warm and diving is possible throughout the year. An ideal destination for underwater photographers! The sea water temperature is between 25.6-28.9 ° C, with an average view of 30 meters, which can also be 50 meters.

The many diving schools are all members of CURO, the Council or Underwater Resort Operators, an interest group. As members, they share the same standards and rules. Together with the rules of the Bonaire Marine Park, this has caused the quality of the reef to remain high. Before diving, each diver is briefed about rules at the diving school. Then a checkdive is required. The dive school can determine whether the dive techniques are adequate and no damage to the reef will be made.

Each diver must buy a Marine Park Tag before the first dive which is valid for 1 calendar year. The price of USD 25 goes to the Bonaire Marine Park and is used to monitor and protect the underwater park. If any dive accident occurs, it is good to know that Bonaire has a very modern Recompression Chamber with experienced staff. The Recompression Chamber is located opposite the San Francisco Hospital. Referral to this facility is carried out by the First Aid of the hospital.

We have a lot a lot of facilities for diving.